Expand All Facebook Comments

I have written a bookmarklet that expands all comments and replies in Facebook posts. This applies only to the full version of the Facebook website (e.g., www.facebook.com in the U.S.) and not to other web versions or to versions of the mobile app.

Bookmarklets are not the prettiest or best-understood things in the world, but I’m making it available in case people want to use it.

To install or update the bookmarklet, click here to bring up a page with the bookmarklet in it, along with some simple instructions.

Also see my Link Comments bookmarklet.

What does this help with?

This expands Facebook posts so that you can see/read all comments and replies from top to bottom without clicking. This is how I use it, and I use it on individual posts with usually many fewer than 100 comments and replies.

Others use this to expand multiple posts prior to archiving them. That wasn’t my original usage model and can hit Facebook limitations on how much it will retrieve (plus, it gets slower the longer it runs), but it’s still better than manually clicking. Also, due to timing mysteries, you might need to run the bookmarklet multiple times to expand everything.

To isolate a single post to a browser tab, ctrl-click on the post’s time stamp link, which is a permalink URL. If it goes into theater mode, hit ESC. Then, run the bookmarklet on the isolated post by clicking on the bookmark.

2016-07-09 update. The permalink URL to a public page (for celebrities, businesses, etc.) stopped isolating the post; now the whole news feed is displayed with the post of interest at the top. If a page like this is encountered, this bookmarklet only expands the permalinked post. Facebook has changed how they do this at least twice now; I’m trying to keep up.

Details of what this does

Output is logged to both a temporary visual text area and to the browser console. The text area goes away when it’s done, so if you want to see a record of what happened after-the-fact, you’ll need to hit F12 and open the browser console. When the script completes, it logs a numerical total of all comments and replies being displayed. New text goes to the top rather than the bottom.

The bookmarklet clicks on the following links, sequentially. That is, it clicks and waits for the new content, which is recursively checked for new links:

  • View more comments
  • View previous replies
  • View more replies
  • View [x] more replies
  • [x] replies
  • [user] replied

After all the comments and replies are obtained, it clicks any and all See More and See Translation links.

It finds links to click by querying on CSS style names and is thus language independent, but see the Warnings ahead.

Please don’t do this

This isn’t recommended on posts that have many thousands of throw-away comments:

  1. You probably aren’t really interested in that many throw-away comments.
  2. I have found that Facebook stops delivering comments after a certain point; you can click the View more comments link, and nothing happens (visually, anyway). This bookmarklet bumps into the same limitation: it iteratively clicks View more comments links and eventually times out as nothing happens.

Just be aware that eventually Facebook stops delivering comments.

If you want to stop the bookmarklet, hit ESC. If you run it again, it will pick up where it left off (effectively, not literally).

Customizing the bookmarklet

You can customize what the bookmarklet does. You can create multiple bookmarklets, each with a different customization.

When you edit the bookmark (Properties in Firefox), you will see near the very beginning todo=14. You can change the numerical value. With this value, you control four bits of instruction:

  • 1: open Continue Reading links
  • 2: expand comments
  • 4: expand replies
  • 8: click on any translation links

In combination, there are 16 possible values: 0 through 15. Some examples, starting with a value of 14:

  • Add 1 to open Continue Reading links
  • Subtract 4 to not expand replies
  • Subtract 8 to remove the translation step

Note that I only regularly use (hence, test) the default value.

Browser support

I mostly use the Google Chrome browser on a Windows PC, and I don’t use mobile devices. Among the main browsers, bookmarks in Chrome were the easiest and most intuitive to use.

Mozilla Firefox also works, though getting the bookmark bar to show up is slightly more cumbersome.

I tried Microsoft Edge once just to make sure things seem to work there (which they did). Using bookmarklets in Edge was a hack through the file system; really, not supported.

Why did I do this?

I looked around to see if someone else had done something like this already, and of course I might have missed something, but it became apparent to me that it would be easier to do this myself than to keep looking for something that actually worked.

Warnings and notes

  • This works today based on how Facebook is rendered in HTML today. It might break tomorrow, and I might not be able to fix it.
  • Though the script doesn’t outright parse display text, it attempts to parse integers as a way to avoid clicking Hide links. I have tried about 10 different languages, all of which worked (I think). Please let me know if you find a problematic language, such as where the script shows and hides replies endlessly.
  • You can run the bookmarklet multiple times; it’s harmless. Sometimes it helps to do this if Facebook is slow and timeouts result in an incomplete expansion.
  • If you want to see the bookmarklet’s JavaScript in a readable format, copy-and-paste it into a beautifier such as jsbeautifier.org. In fact, if you know JavaScript, you might want to do this to boost your confidence that I am not trying to hack you with some malicious script.


If this bookmarklet used to work and stopped working, chances are Facebook has changed, and I need to change the bookmarklet. I might notice the breakage myself, but it probably won’t hurt to let me know about it. Changes I’ve made are listed here.

If you’ve never seen it work in a situation:

If it doesn’t work for a public Facebook post, send me or post a comment here with the permalink URL in it, and I will look at it.

If all I know is that it doesn’t work for a private post, it can be pure guesswork on my part from there (unless a good description of the problem is given):

  • Bear in mind that this just automates clicking that you would otherwise do. Manually click on what is not working, and assess the situation from there.
  • You can run this bookmark multiple times without penalty. Sometimes doing so can reveal a clue, especially interspersed with your own clicking.
  • I consider myself a regular Facebook user. If there’s something unusual or nonstandard about your situation, feel free to elaborate. For example, I have no idea how to create, see, or show a “hidden comment.”
  • Facebook has limitations. Please read the section titled “Please don’t do this.”

Note: Most of my activity involves closed groups. Closed group search results have been broken in Facebook since the middle of 2017 (it’s 2017-10-16 now). It takes two tries to open each result. I stumbled on an accidental workaround for this on 2017-10-20 and updated the bookmarklet.

151 Replies to “Expand All Facebook Comments”

  1. thanks

    can you please find solution to expand see more and continuo reading in posts not only in comments

    2. if you type in facebook search posts liked by me or by any of you friend you will see all posts in the page

    but your code only expand the comments for the first posts can you make it expand all posts when you scroll down

    1. I might not understand your request(s), but if I do, I’m not ready to try taking this in that direction. I’m going to stick with expanding just one post at a time that you’re actually interested in reading — not your whole news feed, and not a complete search results “feed.” Feeds are “infinite” (until the beginning of Facebook time), so I’m not sure how realistic that is, anyway.

      Still, good point about the post itself maybe being closed up. I’ve never seen that require more than one click (it’s not paged, or recursively closed up), but okay, that’s still one click. I’ll see if I get to that.

    2. I’ve modified the bookmarklet to click any See More link in the post itself.

      As far as I can tell, when a post has a Continue Reading link, that link is the same as the time stamp permalink URL: it isolates that single post and opens it in a separate window.

  2. thanks for your help please type in your facebook search: posts liked by me to see what i mean

    i want to expand all comments in all posts like if you try it in any profile it will expand all comments if you scroll down i really need this

    in your first code your code only expand first posts in search result feed is it possible to make this code expand all the posts its not infinite some times there are 10 posts some times 100 if you scroll down result will be more why you code expand all posts and comments if i scroll down in any profile not only one posts and it cant expand all posts and comments in search feed when i scroll down

    2. about Continue reading can you show full posts in the same page if not can you make code to open every posts with continue reading in separate window automatically so imagine in your profile if you scroll down to your old posts you find 10 posts with continue reading i want this code to open all Continue reading posts in separate window is it possible for you

    1. Sorry, but I don’t think I’m going to expand this to handle multiple posts in one page. Thanks for getting me to think about it, though. I’ve learned a few things.

      I actually wasn’t aware of the sloppy power of Facebook search. I tried “posts liked by me” and it returned about 1/100 of what I’ve liked, in random order, going back about three years. Powerful yet useless.

      BTW, it’s not that this intentionally expands only the first item. If there are comments in the page, it thinks it doesn’t need to do anything to show them. It there’s more than one post in the page, it would need to do a lot more parsing to isolate and examine each post separately.

      This is really just an opportunistic hack that did what I wanted it to do. It expands all comments and replies for a single post, and that’s the extent of what’s useful to me, and relatively easy.

  3. thanks for you help again but i don’t understand what you mean did you mean it technically impossible to expand all comments in facebook search for all posts or you dont want to do it for a reason ?

    you can write other code and keep this code

    2. what about Continue reading issue

    all the best

    1. I want to emphasize that this is a total hack. It parses the HTML and clicks on things.

      I made a change just now that you might like: it now shows comments/replies for multiple posts in one page (e.g., news feed, search results).

      But this is a can of worms! I ran it on my news feed and it pulled over 650 comments (note: that I don’t care about). I ran it again, and it pulled over 102 more. I had to run it 8 times for it to get everything. This is the kind of thing that I’m just not interested in trying to figure out why. Timeouts probably.

      Re: the Continue Reading issue. I question you really wanting the potentially high number of posts opened in new tabs. It’s not a feature I have the slightest bit of interest in, and I think it could be outright harmful to someone who doesn’t expect it. It’s technically possible.

      Look, I doubt you want to read all the content you want automatically pulled over. I can only guess that you are searching for something. If I were you, I’d try to use the Facebook graph search to find what I was looking for.

  4. i have many friends on facebook some of them write about science and history…. i want to expand all there posts and save the page as pdf to read it like a book

    your code now perfect only Continue Reading issue if you find solution for it it will make it easy to me to read posts

    if you cant open all Continue Reading in new tap( technically) can you make the code bookmark all the Continue Reading posts without open them so i can check them later

    1. I added a little bit to click on the Continue Reading links. But programmatic clicks like that are treated as popups, so assuming your browser blocks popups, you’ll need to add an exception to allow them for Facebook.

      Note: Any posts with Continue Reading links in your “feed” will still have their comments expanded. So you’ll also need to run the bookmarklet in each popup (tab) to get the comments to show up there.

  5. i try your new code on one of my friends profile it only open the first Continue Reading posts in new tap is it possible to open all Continue Reading posts in new tap not only the first posts


    1. It sounds like your browser is blocking popups. With blocking on, the first popup might make it through but subsequent ones won’t (in my experience). Again, you can add an exception just for https://www.facebook.com/. In fact, you can wait for Chrome to display the “blocked popup icon” and set up the exception with a few clicks.

  6. This bookmarklet works great. I only have a need to “View more comments” and don’t need to see replies.

    Since the script executes the comments first if I had a way to manually stop the execution that would work as well.


  7. this bookmarklet work well right now but if you code :

    1. find a manual way to stop the bookmarklet during expanding posts some times my internet disconnect but i cant move the page because i can not stop the bookmarklet until it expand all posts

    2. please add other bookmarklet only expand comments without replies

    3. please add other bookmarklet only expand seemore and continue reading in posts without expanding comments and replies

    thanks Jens-Ingo for your help and for your amazing bookmarklet

    all the best …

  8. New feature: if you hit ESC, the expansion will abort.

    But adding options to the bookmarklet? I’ll need to ponder/explore that idea a bit.

  9. hello Jens-Ingo thanks for the new feature i dont know how to thank you your amazing

    i dont know if it possible to you to add option in the bookmarklet to expand posts without comments or other option to expand comments without replies i think you can make new bookmarklet for each option

    i dont know if you have any experience in twitter or not but comments problem not only in Facebook but twitter you tube google+ even Instagram

    one of my friend ask my if it to possible to expand twitter conversation and replies or twitter feed like facebook i said to him i will ask some one who have knowledge in these thing so i dont know if you have any time to make bookmarklet to twiiter or other site like youtube or google + as dennis ask

    youtube have tow problem 1. comments and replies 2. you cant see all your feed unless you click on load more as example : https://www.youtube.com/user/mikawood01

    i will be grateful if you can help on this issues

    best wishes …

  10. This bookmarklet automates clicking on things in the browser. It’s 100% hardcoded to the HTML of Facebook. I created it because I use it every day. Creating something similar for other sites would involve analyzing their HTML and automating the clicking on things. I haven’t done that, and I have no plans to do that.

    There’s no good way to have bookmarklet settings/configuration. I’ve been thinking a bit about this, and what I’m thinking is being able to edit the first few characters of the script before saving it as a bookmarklet, thus allowing you to create multiple bookmarklet buttons that each do something different.

    But here’s an example of a technical hurdle: the Facebook HTML for bringing over more comments vs. more replies is 100% identical (except for the visible text, which I am not parsing to keep this language independent). So, in order to differentiate comments from replies (so expanding replies can be optional), more parsing is required. I’m still looking at that.

    I’m looking at making the script more modular to allow a little configuration of what it does.

  11. thanks for your effort Jens-Ingo i hope you can make the script more modular

    i didn’t know about how hard its to make a bookmarklet like this . my friend is social media

    researcher most of his work on twitter but it hard for him to expand replyies

    ,converstion , feed because of twiiter system as example :


    please in your spare time if you find it easy to analyze go for it if not forget about it

    also i want to ask you what course should i study to be able to make bookmarklet like these ?

    is any one study programming can make bookmarklet like yours or it depend on your creativity ?

    all the best

    1. Writing bookmarklets requires knowledge of HTML/CSS and JavaScript/DOM. Though you probably won’t find a class on bookmarklets, any knowledge you gain in HTML/CSS/JavaScript/DOM will apply.

  12. New feature: you can now customize what the/each bookmarklet does (any combination of expanding posts, expanding comments, and expanding replies). See the blog section titled “Customizing the Bookmarklet”.

  13. Thanks a lot for making this bookmarklet , it saves me more time, you made my day it help me a lot i got tried of click on “view previous comments in Fb” can you able to code work as well for linkedin (see more) comments ??? else can you give some more tips to make it possible .. thanks in advance i’m looking forward to it …

  14. The only comment-based social medium I use daily and feel like I understand is Facebook. Though I’ve used all the other social media mentioned, I’ve never used them enough to feel like I did daily on Facebook (before I wrote my bookmarklet), which was, “here I go again clicking 50 times to read 30 comments.”

    I can only give tips that assume familiarity with browser development with JavaScript/DOM/HTML/CSS. Hit F12 for the DOM browser. If you’re doing the same thing over and over again, familiarize yourself with the DOM structure of what you’re interacting with. How would you automate what you are doing, such that you could just let the computer do it for you? You can only automate what is 100% systematic. If it can be expressed simply in words, it can probably be automated.

    I guarantee that every social medium will have its own unexpected quirks, timing issues, and so on. There won’t be one thing that magically works with everything.

  15. I am just an end user.I was looking for this feature and I am glad that you had given me the solution.Thank you.I have recommended it to my friends. Please do track the changes in facebook and keep the bookmarklet working just for the sake of end users like me.

  16. Hi, Thank you very much for taking the time to code the script. It is amazing! a few posts earlier a fellow commenter requested making it possible for it to run on all posts in the news feed. this is not something that no one would want for it would be a priceless feature if used to view all posts in a group.

    1. As mentioned (circuitously) in a previous comment and now the main article, this works now. I’ve tried it on my main feed, an invisible group, and various search results. In general, I remain skeptical that this feature is really safe-and-sane. I mean, I have friends who love to respond to those senseless threads that get 200,000 replies and go something like “2 + 2 = 5. Respond if you disagree.” If you start a massive expansion and want to cancel, just hit ESC.

      To clarify one thing: this only expands posts that you have manually scrolled into existence, so to speak. Feeds in Facebook are essentially infinite, and automating pulling over all content since the beginning of Facebook time just doesn’t make sense to me.

    1. I don’t understand. You’re saying it doesn’t work, or asking it not to do it? In my testing, it works. If you see something not working and supply a URL to a public post with the problem, I can look at it.

        1. Thanks for the URL! Yes, I see that full expansion is not occurring, but even if I just manually click on the link, nothing happens. I don’t understand why Facebook just stops delivering comments sometimes. My script only automates clicking on links, just as if a person were doing it.

          1. In my browser, I can click on “View previous replies” twice. But I found easy workaround — just click the bookmarklet once again, and it unfolds all remaining replies!

            Great work, and it works fine even in restricted environment, unlike chrome extensions 🙂

  17. You are my hero! Thank you! 😀

    I use a screen reader to listen to 12-24 comment threads per day and I was getting extremely tired of manually expanding all replies and clicking on all “See More” links within each thread.

    You just saved me like 10-20 minutes of tedious, annoying work per day. Thank you.

  18. OMG…thank you so much. I have become fairly addicted to Facebook since retiring and belong to many, many groups. My greatest frustration is being immersed in some heated discussions only for the “show more replies” to stop opening those replies. This works beautifully!

  19. Brilliant bookmarklet, thanks. I’ve recently had a problem of missing replies through not getting notifications from Facebook, so your bookmarklet has made it so much easier for me to quickly look through the posts to see if I’ve missed anything. Cheers!

  20. Many thanks for this awesome bookmarklet!

    It works fine with Facebook posts comments. But in the future, would you modify this script that it decens also Facebook Comment Plugin comments and normal posts like list?

    For Comments Plugin, I mean e.g. https://goo.gl/Biiwj2 (no scrollbar, use arrow keys)

    For like lists, I mean e.g. https://goo.gl/3xnbas

  21. “Then, run the bookmarklet on the isolated post.”

    Maybe I’m dense, but I can’t figure out how to do this. How do I run the bookmarklet? I can’t get it near the page with the links. I isolate FB posts all the time, so I know how to do that, but once isolated, I have the “expand all” link in one tab and the post in another. The bookmark bar is there with the post dragged to it. What next? All I can do is switch between tabs. How o I run the “expand all” link” on the other tab?
    Thanks for your time.

    This is exactly what I need. Am involved in a long, long research thread and did all the expansions by hand TWICE as they kept collapsing. I need to have all the material that others have supplied. So now I’m a happy camper thanks to you. Had taken me something like 3 hours but now in less than 3 minutes it was all finished! Then I copied the entire thread into a LiberOffice doc and it’s 73 pages! The job is done, thanks to you. BTW, using FF.

    1. I like this idea. I’ve added this as default behavior, but it can be turned off via the customization procedure described above.

    1. A bookmarklet operates in the world of the existing web page: HTML, DOM, CSS, JavaScript. That Python script uses Twitter APIs and prints its results to a console. There’s really no relation.

  23. thank you do you have any idea how can i get all the tweets from any user ?

    there is some script but only get the last 3200 tweets

  24. Wonderful bookmarklet! I am currently using it to archive my fb feed, and your bookmarklet has come in so handy! The only tool of its kind on the internet! Great work, keep on optimising it for speed and performance… A big thanks again for making our lives easier!

  25. So recently, facebook just idiotically implemented this new feature that scrolls into a certain post in a timeline even if we were to follow the permalink to said post. In other words, permalink doesn’t show single post, but rather just show you where it is in a page’s timeline. Consequentially, using your bookmarklet will expand ALL POST ON THAT TIMELINE. And currently, there is no way to turn off this feature.

    Never change facebookdev.

    1. The problem I see is with those public pages that anybody can view or subscribe to. The permalink URL puts the post of interest at the top, and the page continues with the rest of the feed below; there’s no way to isolate the post.

      I think I’ve addressed this now. If the post of interest is found at the top, this bookmarklet only expands that post (and logs a message accordingly). Otherwise, it expands everything it comes across.

      1. Your fix with page post is great, but it’s still imperfect since I found another problem. Like you’ve said, permalink on pages will not isolate the post but rather showing said post on top of the said page’s timeline. But again, if said page has a post pinned, then permalinked post will be shown second.

  26. My girlfriend and I use private Facebook notes to communicate, so they generally accrue thousands of comments from our back-and-forth. I want to save these, because I’ll be killing my FB account.

    One note had 21K comments and SEVEN thousand “See More” links.

    Facebook’s “download your account” does not dump notes, so I did a bunch of searching, looked into imacros/greasemonkey/etc. Finally found bookmarklets and one that worked marginally ok, and then this post.


    1. Keep in mind that the bookmarket can time out. (Also, I have found that Facebook simply stops delivering comments after a lot.) You can run the bookmarklet multiple times without penalty to check for content that didn’t get expanded for whatever reason. (Well, I will admit I’ve never tested beyond a few hundred comments.)

  27. I am SO glad that someone not only thought of this but also has done it! Thank you so very much for this script, brilliant work! … I want to mention a couple of things here that I do in order to see someone’s whole Facebook page and save a COMPLETE copy … 1. I go to the Facebook page I want; 2. I allow popups from Facebook (on Firefox) so that this bookmarklet works 3. I use Flashblock Firefox add-on in order to block videos on the page from all auto-loading at the same time 4. I close any other tabs or any other thing running, as this can get pretty resource-intensive! 5. I then press down the PgDn(Page Down) key on the keyboard, then stick a penny into the keyboard on the bottom of the PgDn key between the key and the keyboard housing (only works with traditional PC desktop type keyboards, there may be another way with other devices) to hold down the PgDn key … that will keep the page scrolling on down until you have reached the bottom. … THEN DON’T FORGET TO REMOVE THE PENNY! 6. Click the “Expand All” bookmarklet in your bookmark toolbar. 7. Watch and wait as this amazing bookmarklet expands everything!

  28. Hey, this is great, however do you have one that works with the mobile version of facebook (m.facebook.com) ?

    The reason I am asking this is because sometimes I like to archive a thread and I usually archive the mobile version on my desktop.

    Btw, Thank you for your great bookmarklet!

    1. There’s no mobile version. I never even thought of loading the mobile version on a desktop. Interesting.

  29. Awesome work, I was futzing around with macros trying to achieve the same end, with little success. Please keep at it if the code changes, I’m sure I’m not alone in being willing to support your work. I absolutely despise the whole click to expand comments bit from any website and am always trying to find ways around them. Slashdot was always great for that, 500 comments loaded at a time, you’d have everything up in short order. Reddit is terrible. I found a Tampermonkey script to work with Discus but it broke. I bet someone’s done something similar to yours for YouTube.

    1. Maybe I will look into using SourceForge one of these days.

      From a design standpoint, my theory has always been: optimize to work with a few hundred items, but acknowledge there is a threshold where paging/clicking-on-demand of some sort is needed, but it should be unlikely you would ever use it. If you are using it, then the UI is broken.

      If you force the user to click-on-demand to see 2, 10, or even 100 items, then the UI is broken. “See More” all over the place just adds insult to injury.

      What if there are 100,000 items? Okay, chances are you don’t want to see them all, but the UI should make it clear that they exist. At that point, what you need is a good search interface, which Facebook does not have; the language is there, but it just doesn’t work. Once again, the emperor has no clothes.

    1. No. All I can do is corroborate that I’ve seen Facebook stop delivering comments after a certain point, where that point is different for different posts.

  30. Brilliant. I needed this so I can save and print to PDF a thread on fb I started in case the company I complained to takes it down. I especially appreciate your concern for people like me who suspect anything I download from the net. You give a complete explanation of what it does and how to check that. BTW F12 doesn’t work on Chrome 49 but ‘alt-cmd-j’ does. Also no beautifier simplifies the code. 🙁

  31. Great script, I have multiple pages with thousands of comments, and this saves me alot of time if I need to do a print screen on all of them.

    Is it possible to also show the hidden comments, the ones with 3 grey dots? Not show like make them visible for everybody, but so that is possible to get them in the print screen.

    Thanks again.

    1. I’ve never seen a hidden comment and don’t know how they work. I have found a page that talks about them, yet I am unable to create any to see how they work (perhaps because Facebook considers me a safe commenter on my own posts).

      All this bookmarklet does is automate the clicking that you could be doing. It can’t do anything you can’t do yourself, since it’s just acting as you. If you still think there’s something that can be automated, can you provide a link to a public post containing a hidden comment, so I can see it?

  32. Thanks for the great code!

    However, I’m facing a problem with facebook page.
    I use the Google Chrome AutoScroll extension to scroll to the end of the page, then I run the bookmarklet (Chrome Version 53.0.2785.143 (64-bit) on Linux Mint 18). It starts very well and detects about 850 items. It works till it reaches around 200, then suddenly I find it opened a link to one of the notes of the page and browsed to it, so it destroys everything.

    Do you have any idea why that might be happening?

    Thanks again.

    1. Can you provide a link to a public post with this problem? I looked up how to work with Facebook Notes, and created one, but it does not cause a problem. (Notes should be ignored by this bookmarklet.)

      Since this bookmarklet clicks on Facebook links, if there’s a Facebook link that navigates away from Facebook, yes, in theory that could cause a problem. But it would help if I could see an example of that.

  33. Hi Jens

    Thanks for this. I wonder if you would consider keying this on the mobile (m.facebook.com) or even (mbasic.facebook.com) I use these to be able to then print out a sane view of the post and comments. (mainly m.facebook.com)

    Either way thanks for what you’ve done here

  34. Really great! I’m using in this moment your script to try to find a comment on a famous actor’s page.
    Now i’m at 7500 comment of 19,619, script still working, sometime using ctrl+f to search the name of commenter.

    I think can be useful add an option to look for a string than pausing/stopping the scritpt when found – Maybe I can try to change the script by myself but I’m not really a good programmer 🙂

    Chrome task manager tells me I’m using more than 1,2 GB of ram for that page but a little data from Internet, taking 40% of CPU. Page is now really slow but the script is still working
    Chrome, windows 10, core i5, 8GBRAM

    Ops! While writing the text above the page crashed, out of ram! Thats all 🙂

    1. Thank you for pointing this out and for including the URL. I believe I have fixed the problem (and a few others). The problems are caused by Facebook changing, not the browser. You can update the bookmarklet at the link found at the start of this article.

  35. Hello, do you accept donations? I had this from a while back and noticed my version didn’t do “x comments” links – I searched for a replacement and instead found the updated version. 🙂

    1. All your base posts (even ignoring comments) are so long, Facebook will only display them in separate tabs (in English, the link that indicates this is ‘Continue Reading’). In terms of automatically expanding everything, this can’t do it; browser security prevents this from operating across different tabs.

  36. Dear author,
    this script works great normally, but when come to this scenario, it’s expected to make a bit version change to support better, the scenario as beneath:
    recently a period of time later after joined a facebook group, i’d like to start read the whole threads/posts within it. so i scroll down until the creation of the group;
    now we can imagine that it’s quite a bit large for the web-page, since it’s already loaded the group’s whole surface content, it’s around 40MB size, i’m using windows7 64 bit, with 8GB RAM; i found that the script working from up to down, since it will load more and more hidden contents, so we can imagine the web-page is hardly load any more, which causing the down side of the web-page can’t be handled via this script. and after tried at least 5 times, the reality is exactly the same as the imagination.
    so the expectation here is:
    can the script modified to working from down to up(reversely as currently)?
    so that in this kind of scenario, we can expand the whole group’s hidden contents via 2 times, 1st via the current script, and the 2nd via the expected version, apparently, this method still needs some manual supervision to let these 2 times meet in the middle, or overlap a bit to ensure the overall object be met.
    Thanks for the consideration.

    1. This script just automates clicking. If it runs out of memory or slows down to the point of stopping or simply stops responding (and this is my experience with Facebook), it’s the same whether you click manually or use this script.

      1. yup, i know it’s the same whether i click manually or use this script to cause the out of memory or just stop nearly;

        and that’s exactly the reason i think the reverse handling can to some extent fix this issue, it’s just a game of try to reach the middle point between up side & down side, just as ctrl+f in chrome to search, f3 means from up to down, and shift+f3 means from down to up(just take a reverse);

        so i think maybe can take it as the example to inspire something for the script.

  37. A Rookie here so I please don’t tech talk over my head. I have a Facebook post with over 60k shares. I normally thank people that share my post but FB bogs down when I scroll down with this many. I was thinking if I could close all the comments I could scroll to the bottom one and work my way up. Does that make sense? Will this product do that? Thanks – Bob

  38. This is/was by far the most used item in my bookmark bar for quite a long time, and saved me countless hours of manually expanding comments, etc… However, it seems Facebook did something in the past 24 hrs that now prevents this from working. I haven’t yet had time to dig into your code to try to fix it myself, but I was wondering if you might know of something off-hand to check, perhaps something simple that may have changed? I only ask because I’m not one to just go and ask someone to fix something lol.

    That aside, this was such an amazing find, and you did absolutely beautiful work!!

      1. You most certainly did!! You are officially my favorite person of the week!! Thanks again SO MUCH for going through the work to write this! 🙂

  39. I have a Facebook post with 8500 comments when I run this it stops working at around 1400 comments is there any way I can get to see the remainder of the comments?

    1. Not that I know of. This script just automates clicking. If it runs out of memory or slows down to the point of stopping or simply stops responding (and this is my experience with Facebook), it’s the same whether you click manually or use this script.

  40. FANTASTIC script! Fast and flawless.

    I had manually done a long, long page, then found this, ran it, and saw I had missed some!

    Needed to archive the page, entire page.


        1. That would involve a completely different approach and different project, with different maintenance concerns. I have no plans to do that.

          1. Do you mean expanding comments on a third-party site? That’s not something I’m going to work on.

  41. Brilliant! Thank you for this.
    You have saved us countless hours of work to manually open everything before we copy/paste it all.
    Your hard work is much appreciated.
    Ian and Vanessa

    1. Yes, I would like to ditto Ian’s comments ! This is a much needed script !

      Using your script as an example, I might be able to hack it to work for other web sites.

      I wanted to do this same kind of thing for Linkedin tech forum pages but could not figure out how
      to “click” on a “read more” or “view previous comments” and that type of thing.

      This is genius !

      I’m not positive but I think that Facebook may have changed the way they word expanding methods this summer and so I thought this script needed changing but it appears to be working
      properly again so maybe you modified it recently or it was related to something completely different like timeout etc.


      1. As mentioned in the article, this does not parse the display language. In fact, it should work with Facebook in any language. Facebook did change their HTML structure a little bit in June of this year, requiring a small change on my part.

  42. Hey this bookmarklet doesn’t work?

    When running it on a facebook picture/post (Chrome) the console quickly pops up but it only says: “Comments + replies = 0+0 = 0”

    what does this mean? Comments haven’t actually expanded at all…

  43. THANK YOU!
    This has been a great help. I’ve looked for something like this for a while and have even started to teach myself Jasvascript to do the same thing. I moderate a group where sometimes entire posts and comment threads have to be saved to PDF and this makes the job so much easier.

  44. This is completely fantastic and just what I needed to document contents in a Facebook group I manage. Thanks for doing it!

    One thing, though, and I’ve tried messing around with the customization options you mention, but I haven’t managed to make it work:

    Can I remove the step to click “See more” on the posts themselves? I don’t really care about that one, but I care deeply about expanding all comments and all replies to comments.
    It would be helpful to save the time it takes to do all those “See more” on posts.


    1. You can’t currently turn off the ‘See More’ expansion.

      You really expand so many posts that ‘See More’ on the posts themselves is a time hindrance? And you aren’t interested in seeing the post itself but you are interested in comments and replies to it? I’m confused by that.

      I myself usually expand only one post at a time. In my early trials, Facebook seemed incapable (performance-wise) of mega-expansions. I think I’m out of touch with how people are using this bookmarklet. May I ask: how many posts do you expand at one time? How long does it take?

      1. Thanks for replying.
        Yes, I do. About four “pages” worth in a group.

        My use case is that I load up a group, scroll down to the bottom three times in order to load more posts and then save the webpage as a .webarchive file in Safari (I have all that automated in a script). I don’t need “See More” since that hidden post content is already loaded on the page, so I can just click the See More buttons afterwards in my webarchive if I need to see the hidden text. The hidden comments and replies aren’t loaded until you click the button, so I need to expand those before saving the page in order to view them in my webarchive.

        I’ve only just found your wonderful bookmarklet a few hours ago, so I haven’t really started using it yet. In my tests of my scenario, there are approx. 30 posts (according to the prompt displayed), and going through “See More” for all of them takes about 60 seconds. All the rest (expanding comments and replies, etc.) takes only 15-20 seconds after that.
        So it would be great to shave off those initial 60 seconds that I don’t particularly need.

        1. Thanks. When I created this bookmarklet, ‘See More’ links hit the network. And they had to be activated serially, not in parallel, so the bookmarklet had to wait for each one to complete. Eventually, ‘See More’ links started to show/hide content that’s browser-side already; no waiting required. (In fact, waiting now times out.) I changed/optimized the bookmarklet to not wait, HOWEVER I overlooked including the ‘See More’ on the post itself (which is a different kind of link).

          Nowadays, I think you can get at least 20 ‘See More’ links per second. I just posted an updated bookmarklet that gives the necessary speed boost to the ‘See More’ link on the post itself. Your two-second wait per post should be reduced to a small fraction-of-a-second per post.

    1. How many comments are there? If there are thousands, then I don’t know which is slower: the browser or Facebook (server-side). I know that browser performance is a bottleneck. Browsers really cannot handle large pages (i.e., many megabytes of HTML).

  45. This is a great tool! Thanks. It doesn’t work on video comments anymore though ever since Facebook changed how videos pages look, with the comment section on the right side of the page. It still works on other comment sections though. Is there anything that can be done to see all video comments again?

    1. With some trepidation, I’ll say maybe I’ve addressed this (and I updated the installation page). Some notes:

      I see some Facebook bugs/quirks: (1) there’s no permalink URL link exposed anymore, (2) the HTML is different if laid over the newsfeed vs. put into a new tab or window (I didn’t address the overlay problem), (3) many “promised” comments just disappear when the link to show them is clicked; this can cause bookmarklet timeouts; as always, if you see timeouts, you can try running the bookmarklet again, (4) the Facebook changes are a little kludgy, indicating it’s experimental and possibly about to change again.

  46. Hi there, it seems like the latest version 20-04-2018 doesn’t work at all anymore. It times out with expanding anything. 15-02-2018 still works, have not tried the 07-04-2018.

    1. It works for me, including videos. I see Facebook has fixed an egregious bug with not showing video comments, and they have changed the HTML again (as I predicted in my previous comment) — though things seem to work, I should be able to clean things up slightly (related to videos).

      Can you give me an idea of what you are using the bookmarklet on? (Feel free to post a URL to public content that shows the problem). I continue to really only use this bookmarklet on individual posts isolated to a tab, as described in the base post.

      1. I use it to expand the comments/replies of our group/page’s discussions. It doesn’t seem to expand all comments and replies. i.e. it doesn’t expand “View x Comments” or “1 replies”, etc.

        I hope that makes sense.

        1. I see. I just tried to expand my news feed, and I see that that no longer works. The only way I use this is to expand individual posts, not feeds. Facebook now handles permalinked text, videos, photos differently, and I’ve already been running on borrowed time with their multiple changes to handling photos and videos, with more changes probably coming (everything used to be same; now, everything is different).

          It will take some time (days, perhaps) to sort through all the cases. My goals are to get the timeline, text-based posts, photos, and videos expandable.

    2. I just updated the bookmarklet with various fixes. I will post another update soon, but I think it’s mostly working now.

  47. It seems to not be working on videos again. It shows the replies but once it goes through them, it never loads the rest of the comments. I notice that Facebook changed how they organize the comments, with New, Most Relevant, and All Comments instead of Most Recent and Top Comments. I’m guessing this is why it no longer works?

    1. Indeed, I just tried a video that expanded before, and it no longer expands (the video is shown with completely different “surroundings” than before, too). I will investigate that shortly. The All Comments / Top Comments / Etc. has been there “forever,” so it’s probably not that.

    2. Wait a second… Are you sure about that? Now that I’ve looked more closely, Facebook seems to work better than before. The video I tested was shared by me. The share had no comments. Before, if I shared the video, it showed the original comments not the share comments.

      1. You’re right! Sorry about that. There was a browser extension that was interfering with it. It’s still works perfectly when I disable that extension.

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