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    1. I don’t know what it means to expand a guest list, but anyway, I won’t be the one to create such a tool since I’m sorry to say that I’d have no use for it.

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for making expand all and link comments bookmarklet.

    Actually i want to see only last comments of all posts on a search page.
    Is it possible that the ‘expand all’ script runs only one time,expanding all the post on a search page and then i use ‘link comments’ script to see the last comment.

    1. To approximate what you want to do, you would need to isolate each post of interest to its own tab/window (by ctrl-clicking its permalink timestamp URL) and then use the Expand All and Link Comments bookmarklets on each one.

  2. Thanks for the ‘Expand All’ script! Sucks they make you jump through all the ‘more’ hoops just to read a thread. But, I guess they have to have some way to see what you are reading and gather analytics, cynically speaking. Kind of cumbersome, but I will work with Expand All to make it work best for me. Back in the day, all you had to do is press * to expand all. Guess we can’t have that huh?
    Again, Thanks!

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